Monday, March 7, 2011

Creating Your Own Wedding WOW!

One of the most exciting things about planning a wedding is coming up with a vision for the day. In today’s wonderful world of wedding planning there are as many ideas for doing so, as there are brides/couples. Each couple comes with their own style, experiences and story. Incorporating these elements is what creates a “Wedding WOW” experience. Consider this in creating your own.

Envision the whole picture. What is your vision for your day? With all of the wedding magazines, websites and television shows it’s easy to experience sensory overload and lose your focus. Before reaching for a bridal magazine, before surfing the web, before entertaining advice and input from well-meaning loved ones and friends, sit down with your honey and decide together what you want for your big day. What story do you want to tell? What is the experience you want your guests to walk away with? What are the sights, sounds and smells of the day? Once you have your vision firmly in place you will not fall victim to trying to have it all and driving yourself and everyone around you crazy. With a vision you can move out with confidence and a plan for your own wedding wow!

Create a wonderful experience for your guests. People are gonna talk…that’s a given. So “plan” to give them something to talk about! Sharing in your celebration, partaking in great food, experiencing good company, and having an opportunity to have a wonderful time, is the order of the day. Plan with these thoughts in mind!

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