Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Had The Time Of My Life

As you begin to plan the details of your wedding, keep in mind that the wedding is not just for you and your sweetie. I often say that while marriage is for the couple, the wedding is for your friends and family to enjoy. The wedding gives those you love and are close to an opportunity to share in the happiest day of your life, and to have a great time in the process. As you are pulling the details together for your big day, following are some common mistakes to avoid:

Seating Guests At A Table Where They Don’t Know Anyone
Putting together a seating arrangement is challenging. But the goal to keep in mind is for everyone to have a good time. This is not the time to play “match-maker” amongst your single friends or to create a “family affair” with yours, mine and ours meeting for the first time. Small talk makes for an awkward experience. You want each table to come alive and have their own little "private party"…trust me it makes for a wonderful time to be had by all. For more suggestions on how to put together your seating arrangements, click here.

Playing Music Too Loud
Although this is the time to get your party "on", you do not want your guests leaving the party with ringing ears and a splitting headache. This is especially a sensitive area for your older guests. If the music is too loud, it is not only uncomfortable to sit through, but also hinders conversation and can put a damper on your reception. When you meet with your DJ or Band, be sure to discuss the sound levels and make sure they do a sound check in both the front and back of the room.

Not Giving Your Guests A Chance To Congratulate You As The New Mr. And Mrs.
Guests, without a doubt want to have an opportunity to greet you as husband and wife and offer their congratulations. If you are not having a receiving line because of time constrains, space issues, etc., please be sure to make your rounds as a couple, throughout the reception to greet each guest and give them the opportunity to offer their well wishes.

These are just a few guest "pet peeves" if you will. I will share more in a future post. Happy Planning!

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