Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things To Consider When Taking On A DIY Project

So, you think you want to do it yourself when it comes to some or all aspects of planning your wedding. Well, before taking on a do-it-yourself project, I encourage you to think about what that means, and to answer these questions before diving in.

1. What Is The Purpose/Motivation/Reason for Taking on This Project?
· Are you doing it to save money?
· Are you doing it to express your creative side?
· Are you doing it to have hands on experience in planning your wedding?

2. Will It Really Save You Money?
· Do you have to take a class to learn how to do the project?
· Have you factored in the cost of materials, books, and the need for extra supplies to account for the mistakes you will undoubtedly make?
· Have you factored in the time it will take to drive around to get the material, etc.?

3. Will You Have The Time To Work on the Project?
· You’re working, planning a wedding, taking care of family, not to mention yourself. Will you have the time to take on this project?
· Taking on an extra task/project when your plate is already full is a sure recipe for stress, burnout and a meltdown

4. DIY Doesn’t Mean Doing it ALL By Yourself
· What this means very simply is it's okay to allow others to help you

Moral of the story: You are the bride not superwoman. Don’t let the fact that you think it would be nice to get the credit for pulling together such a fabulous event or project keep you from hiring professionals to do the job or at the very least, ask for help from loved ones and friends.