Saturday, October 25, 2008

FALLing In Love - Inspiration Board #4

Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month. I love the coolness of the breeze in the air and the beauty of the changing colors of the leaves. I also believe that October has become the new June as a very popular wedding month. So in honor of Fall and October, I hope you enjoy this inspiration board which showcases the beauty of Fall, and gives wonderful planning ideas for your fall nuptials. Although I can't take credit for creating this board, which I found on, I hope to be able to inspire your creative juices to flow as you begin to plan for your wedding.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Make A Note Of This

Finding useful favor ideas is a job in and of itself. I think this little notebook wedding favor, which I found on the, is a great idea. They are perfect to keep in the car or your purse or just about anywhere. They can be personalized with your choice of color and "LOVE NOTE" label with your names and wedding date. Each time your guests reach for this practical favor, they'll think of you and the beauty of your special day. Now how cute is that?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hair Comes The Bride

Ladies, on an ordinary day our hair is our crown. Let's face it, we just feel better when our hair looks good and is behaving nicely. A bad hair day is definitely not something you want on your wedding day. I found these great bridal hair tips over on, and thought I'd post them to help with better planning for your do before you say "I do".

Six months before your wedding, have a major consultation with your stylist. Bring along your headpiece and a picture of the dress if possible. The more the stylist knows about the mood of your wedding, the better he/she can create the perfect hairstyle.
During the "test run," walk around with the hairstyle you plan to wear to determine it's comfort level. A good rule of thumb is: the simpler, the better, since pins can hurt, and intricate styles are often delicate.
Consider the time of day and type of wedding when choosing a style. Loose styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while up-dos portray a formal, evening look.

Remember that some hairstyles can add inches to a bride's height, and shorter brides may want to use this to their advantage.
Do not have any chemical treatments the day of the wedding. That is not the time for surprises!
Hair color looks its best during the first two weeks. So have hair colored a week or two weeks before the wedding.
If a permanent wave is necessary, have it done a month prior to the wedding. Hair that is too fine and over-conditioned does not style well, so deep conditioning treatments should not be used within four days of the wedding.
For best styling results, shampoo hair lightly the day before the wedding and if possible, do not wash hair the day of the wedding.
Stylist do their best work in their own environment with their own tools, so have your wedding party meet at the salon a couple of hours before they need to be at the ceremony for pictures. This increases efficiency, (and usually cost less!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's In The Bag

I saw this adorable bridal bag at Simply Beautiful Words, and thought is was the cutest thing in the world. What bride wouldn't want to carry such a beautiful bag, which elegantly announces her bridal status?

For that matter, who among us wouldn't want to carry this unique and stylish bag, which gives the world a glimpse into our sense of fashion savvy? Visit the designer Dionne Green at Susej Design, LLC to see these beautiful creations. She only makes 100 of each design in her limited edition. Why not be one of the fashion forward few to own one of these beautiful bags? I sure am.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink and Green...Suh-weet - Inspiration Board #3

Okay, for all the AKA's out's one for you. Enjoy!

Everythings Coming Up Roses - Inspiration Board #2

Stating the obvious, this inspiration board was inspired by roses - the flower of love. In choosing a theme, the idea is to carry it throughout the components of your wedding. This board shows how using something as simple as roses can create a sense of harmony in your design element. Keep in mind that the idea of a theme is not to go for overkill, but to tell a story in an cohesive and unified manner.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yay...Tag, I'm It!

This is too cool. I've been tagged by Katasha of K Sherrie + Company. Okay, I confess. I asked to play and she was kind enough to oblige (thank you). I admit it. I'm big on playing games, so here it goes. I saw this Dot…Dot…Dot list on Affairs With Elegance blog, and thought I'd make it my tag topic.

Here are the rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Copy the following list, clear the information following the dots, and insert your answers to complete the sentence.
3. Tag 4 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

I AM…fearfully and wonderfully made
I WANT…to be one of the featured planners on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway
I HAVE…an addiction to books
I KEEP…a notebook and pen on me at all times to jot down ideas that come to me
I WISH I COULD… plan Oprah's next birthday bash…or better yet…her WEDDING!
I HATE…taking out the trash
I FEAR…the Lord
I HEAR…music in my head
I DON'T THINK…I'll ever get used to text messaging
I REGRET…very little (everything I've experienced…the good, the bad, and the ugly has made me who I am)
I LOVE…my family and friends
I AM NOT…shy
I DANCE…every chance I get
I SING…in the car, in the shower, at work…you name it
I NEVER…let a day go by without telling my mother that I love her
I RARELY…have two bad days in a row
I CRY WHEN I WATCH…"Imitation of Life" (Lakendra, of Affairs With Elegance and I share this one)
I AM NOT ALWAYS…right, and will admit it, when I'm wrong
I HATE THAT…there is so much violence in the world
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT… what people did before cell phones…why is it that in a crowd of 10, every other person is on their cell phone….I don't get it…is anyone talking face-to-face anymore?
I NEED…another vacation
I SHOULD…exercise more

Wow…that was fun. Okay let's see, who should I tag? I think I'll tag the planners of 4 of my favorite blogs…tag, you're IT!

Isis of Destination…Soiree
Randi of Always A Fabulous Event
Aimee of Creative Odd's and End
Tish of The Diva's Thoughts

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fairytales Do Come True

Wedding Date: October 18, 1992

Their love story began in 1989, when they met. She worked in a downtown law firm. He was a summer associate from Harvard. She was assigned to be his advisor, and as it turned out, he didn’t have much of an interest in corporate law, but he certainly had an interest in something, or should I say someone…and her name was Michelle.

I adore this couple, not just because they will be the first African American President and First Lady of the United States (that’s right, I’m claiming it), but because they are a couple with strong family values, who model what marriage is all about. They are solid in their faith, and they understand the importance of respecting, supporting, and communicating, with each other. Although they have extremely hectic schedules, they know that making time for each other is the number one priority for them and their family. I’ve collected a few quotes from the Obama’s on the subject of marriage and family to bring home this point.

Marriage Obama Style

Barack Obama speaking about time with Michelle
“What I realize as I get older is that Michelle is less concerned about me giving her flowers than she is that I’m doing things that are hard for me – carving out time. That to her is proof, evidence that I’m thinking about her. She appreciates the flowers, but her romance is that I’m actually paying attention to things that she cares about, and time is always an important factor.”
Source: Lynn Norment, Ebony, “The Hottest Couple in America”, February 2007, page 52-54

Michelle Obama speaking about Sundays as family time
“People ask how I’m handling his being away, and I say he’s home more now than when he was running [for office]. He’s breaking his neck to get home on the weekends.”
Source: Ebony, March 2006 v61 i5 p58(4)

Barack about being present with his family
“It’s important that when I’m home to make sure that I’m present, and I still forget stuff. As Michelle likes to say, ‘You are a good man, but you are still a man.’ I leave my socks around. I’ll hang my pants on the door. I leave newspapers laying around. But she lets me know when I’m not acting right. After 14 years, she’s trained me reasonably well.”
Source: Lynn Norment, Ebony, “The Hottest Couple in America”, February 2007, page 52-54

Michelle about fidelity in their marriage
“I never worry about things I can’t affect, and with fidelity…that is between Barack and me, and if somebody can come between us, we didn’t have much to begin with.”
Source: Ebony, March 2006 v61 i5 p58(4)

“If I ever thought this was ruining my family, I wouldn’t do it.”
Source: Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, “The Obamas Get Personal”, People, August 4, 2008, page 57

“Time and love and sacrifice and struggles make you stronger.”
Source: Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, “The Obamas Get Personal”, People, August 4, 2008, page 57

So, as the story continues, after refusing for a month to go out with him, Michelle agreed to dinner and a movie. The movie they saw was “Do The Right Thing”, and you know what, Barack Obama absolutely did the right thing, by marrying a strong, beautiful, articulate, intelligent, supportive, and stylish Michelle Obama, and now just look at him. He’s about to be the next President of the United States, and you know what they say, behind every great man…you go Michelle.

Now this is love and it's a beautiful thing!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Art Of Asking

Being asked to be in a wedding is a tremendous honor. I found these adorable cards on Etsy.
What a creative way to ask your attendants to be a part of your big day. These cute little note cards can be customized to coordinate with your wedding colors.
You can present these cards to your wedding party in a formal setting by inviting them to a dinner party, and placing the cards at each place setting. You could also surprise them by sending them in the mail. It sure beats receiving yet another bill, don't you think? The ways in which to ask your wedding party to be a part of your special day are limited only by your imagination. As you'll often hear me say, love is in the details. Why not make your attendants feel extra special by using a little creativity in asking them to stand up with you at your wedding?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Do You Do When You Can't Go To Egypt?

Today on Oprah, she interviewed the cast of the new movie "The Secret Life of Bee's".
Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Sophie Okonedo, are all stunningly beautiful, accomplished and successful in their careers. But just like the rest of us, life sometimes gets overwhelming and out of control for them too. Alicia and Queen Latifah both had an opportunity to go to Egypt. For Alicia it was about getting away from the busyness and craziness of her life to be refreshed and renewed. Oprah asked the ladies this question: "What do you do when you can't go to Egypt?" I love this question, because I can certainly relate to needing to be refreshed and renewed from the craziness of my own life. So, what do you do when you need to center yourself and recharge, and can't go to Egypt to do it? Well, we all need to find something to restart our batteries. Here is a small sampling of what I do:

Mornings are my most sacred time. It's the time before the rest of the world starts to vie for my attention. I use this time for daily devotions and prayer.

I'm very careful about letting other people plan my schedule for me. I fiercely guard my time and I am learning to say no to those things which don't line up with the goals I have for my life.

I don't allow other people to "should" on me. You know what I mean, you "should" do this or you "should" do that. I should do exactly the things that I have decided to do, with no input from others who mean well and a few who don't.

When my life gets completely out of control, I turn off all phones for a day. I know when the phone rings, it's someone needing something from me, which is okay most days, but at those times when I am completely spent and overwhelmed, I have to give myself time away from the phone and away from another request for my time and energy.

You get the idea. The lesson here is not just for celebrities, brides or the planners who love them. This lesson is for every human being who has a big life to learn how critical it is to our well being to be able to stop, recharge and reconnect to that which gives us strength and power to do all that we do and maintain our sanity in the process.