Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hair Comes The Bride

Ladies, on an ordinary day our hair is our crown. Let's face it, we just feel better when our hair looks good and is behaving nicely. A bad hair day is definitely not something you want on your wedding day. I found these great bridal hair tips over on, and thought I'd post them to help with better planning for your do before you say "I do".

Six months before your wedding, have a major consultation with your stylist. Bring along your headpiece and a picture of the dress if possible. The more the stylist knows about the mood of your wedding, the better he/she can create the perfect hairstyle.
During the "test run," walk around with the hairstyle you plan to wear to determine it's comfort level. A good rule of thumb is: the simpler, the better, since pins can hurt, and intricate styles are often delicate.
Consider the time of day and type of wedding when choosing a style. Loose styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while up-dos portray a formal, evening look.

Remember that some hairstyles can add inches to a bride's height, and shorter brides may want to use this to their advantage.
Do not have any chemical treatments the day of the wedding. That is not the time for surprises!
Hair color looks its best during the first two weeks. So have hair colored a week or two weeks before the wedding.
If a permanent wave is necessary, have it done a month prior to the wedding. Hair that is too fine and over-conditioned does not style well, so deep conditioning treatments should not be used within four days of the wedding.
For best styling results, shampoo hair lightly the day before the wedding and if possible, do not wash hair the day of the wedding.
Stylist do their best work in their own environment with their own tools, so have your wedding party meet at the salon a couple of hours before they need to be at the ceremony for pictures. This increases efficiency, (and usually cost less!)