Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Key To Hiring A Wedding Planner That Meets Your Needs

When it comes to building your team of wedding professionals who will work together to give you a picture perfect day it is important to do your homework up front and equally important to know what you are looking for. This rule of thumb holds true for every aspect of product or service…from caterer, to photographer to wedding planner, which brings me to the reason for this post…

Not all wedding planners are created equal. As it is with other services, wedding planners also have specialties. The keys to finding one who is a perfect fit for you is to know where your areas of weakness lie, and to know what you want.

If for example you find that you lack a flair for creativity and uniqueness, then you are most likely in the market for a planner who is skilled in designing. This type of planner can create a “wow” experience for you and your guests. Preston Bailey, David Tutera and Colin Cowie fall into this category. Creating a unique and memorable experience is the aim and expertise of this type of planner.

Like many brides, you may have budget constraints or you may be short on the time that is required for planning a wedding. You would do best to look for a planner who is skilled in getting you more bang for your buck, and fitting you with vendors who match your budget, style preference and personality. This type of planner has many years of experience and a pool of quality vendor with whom she has established relationships with and has the leverage to “negotiate" the best prices and services for your money.

Now if you find yourself completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of details involved in planning or you are disorganized and frazzled then you need a planner who is detailed oriented, and thorough in guiding you to the “what’s next” on that seemingly never ending checklist of things to do. This type of planner is skilled in logistics and can move you from point A to point B in an effortless manner.

Most professional planners are proficient in all three areas, however as it is in most things in life, they may excel in one area over another. Again, what you need to know and understand is what your specific needs are and research a planner that fits that need, and when it’s all over, you will sing the praises of her name. Happy Planning!

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Coco - Alpha Prosperity Events said...

Great post. It is so important for brides to know where they are needing the most help. If the bride is not the organized type, it would serve her better to hire a planner who is best in that area. Hire those who have the talents you are lacking.