Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Thoughts On Creating Your Own Wedding WOW

In the previous post, I talked about envisioning your big day: the sights, the sounds, the experiences you want your guests to walk away with. Today, I want to talk about how incorporating a theme plays a huge role in creating your own wedding wow.

Choose an element (theme) and carry it throughout the wedding. Themes bring cohesiveness to your wedding. You want to have a rhyme and reason for the elements you include in your day. A theme can center around a color, a symbol, the story of how you met, a menu item, a season, a period in your life, etc. The ideas are endless. The point is to pick an element and build on it, and remember that less is best, subtlety is the goal. Avoid tipping the hodge podge scale, which brings me to my next tip:

Don’t try to have it all. I know, I know, it’s all so “pretty” and you think you must have it for your day. But this is where most brides make their mistake and find themselves feeling overwhelmed and scattered because they lose focus. That is why it is so important to start with a vision and to agree upon your priorities, so that as you begin to research the possibilities, you do so with your vision firmly in mind and you won’t be tempted by all of the pretty elements that will undoubtedly beckon your name.

Plan within you budget. Remember, it all adds up and it does so very quickly. Once your budget is set, commit to staying within those constraints. This will keep you from “just having to have this or having to have that”. And there you will have it…Wedding WOW…and peace of mind in the process!

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