Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Your Bridal Style?

During my first meeting with a bride who has signed on as a client, one of the many questions I ask her is to give me 3 adjectives to describe her dream wedding. Some of the responses I have gotten are: romantic, elegant, sophisticated, fun, festive…you get the idea.

The reason for asking this question is to get a feel for her bridal style, to be able to pull together the style elements for her wedding. Each bride has her own bridal style, but getting her to articulate what it is in a way that can be translated into her dream wedding, is not always an easy job. What I have found to be helpful in gathering this information is to provide her with the following style categories and associated descriptive words, which paint a picture that really gives a feel for her sense of style and the direction in which to proceed in planning her wedding. The following list is highlighted in the book "Whats Your Bridal Style? by authors Sharon Naylor and Casey Cooper.

Adventurous Bridal Style
Thrilling, Risky, Daring, Gutsy, Bold, Unabashed

Classic Bridal Style
Timeless, Definitive, Quintessential, Legendary

Contemporary Bridal Style
Trendy, Cutting Edge, Modern, In Vogue, Current

Elegant Bridal Style
Graceful, Classical Music, Chic, Classy

Fairy Tale Bridal Style
Enchanted, Magical, Imaginative, Princess Gown

Glamorous or Glam Bridal Style
Gorgeous, Sexy, Alluring, Feather Boa, Glittery, Extravagant

Romantic Bridal Style
Candlelight, Champagne, Violins, Lyrical, Fairy tale

Understated Bridal Style
Simple, Modest, Unpretentious, Low-key, Quiet

Another cool tool that I recently came across can be found at Kate Aspen's Website. You can take the Unveil Your Bridal Style Quiz and be directed from there to some really cute favors that match your style. I took the quiz and unveiled that I am an Elizabeth, which falls right in line with the above Classic Bridal Category.

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