Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wedding Day To-Do List Of A Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner wears many hats, and I'll speak more about the roles of a wedding planner in a future post. Because I am a list maker (I write lists to direct me to my lists), I thought it would be interesting to create a to-do list for the wedding day, of some of the things a wedding planner actually does, to give a glimpse into all of the wedding day details that are involved in executing the big day. So if you think you don't need a wedding planner, tell me what you think after reading this list. Keep in mind that this list does not take into account any pre-wedding day planning or post wedding day services offered by wedding planners.

1. Make sure bride, groom, parents and entire wedding party are comfortable and have all of the attention and service they need while getting ready for the big day
2. Receive deliveries from vendors
3. Pick up any last minute items
4. Greet vendors and give direction
5. Distribute copies of the complete wedding day itinerary to all vendors
6. Oversee proper set-up and design of ceremony and reception
7. Accept and assist with the distribution and pinning of all corsages, boutonnieres, wedding flowers and flower-girl baskets
8. Ensure proper placement of place cards, wedding favors, ceremony programs, menu cards, disposable cameras, bubbles, unity candle, etc. – according to brides instructions
9. Make sure any guests with special needs have someone to help them without making them feel uncomfortable or like the center of attention
10. Greet guests and direct them to the ceremony
11. Make sure guests sign the guest book (at ceremony & at the reception)
12. Seat bride's family & friends on the left side, groom's family & friends on right side unless otherwise instructed
13. Calm down the flower girl and ring bearer in preparation for their walk down the aisle
14. Line up and cue the wedding party when it's time for them to walk down the aisle and make sure they look great, are smiling, paced perfectly, no hands in pockets, no chewing gum
15. Let the bride know when it’s time to walk down the aisle, make sure she is ready for her big moment. Make sure her dress and train are perfect and send her on her way down the aisle with her escort
16. Make sure all ceremony musicians have the correct musical selections for guest arrival, family seating and also the correct processional and recessional musical selections
17. Come to the rescue of the crying flower girl or ring bearer during the ceremony when Mom and/or Dad happen to be in the ceremony
18. Organize the receiving line and keep it moving
19. Direct guests to the cocktail reception
20. Assist the Photographer in gathering the wedding party and family members for pictures as needed
21. Make sure the bride, groom and entire wedding party get cocktails and hors d'oeuvres during your photography session
22. Make sure the entertainment has proper electricity, shaded seating, staging, etc.
23. Cue entertainment for guest arrival, ceremony and all scheduled special events
24. Make sure all finishing touches are complete and are just as the bride and groom wish before allowing guests to enter reception area
25. Make sure all candles are lit and remain lit throughout the entire reception
26. Answer guests' questions and concerns throughout the day
27. Bustle wedding gown at reception
28. Assist DJ /MC in guiding guests through the day and onto the next scheduled event making sure that no one misses these events
29. Organize the grand entrance and get everyone lined up outside the reception area in correct order
30. Cue the DJ for introductions and grand entrance of wedding party at the reception
31. Always let bride and groom know what's next so they are never caught off guard
32. See to it that parents and very special people are given special care and their every need is catered to
33. Make sure the dietary needs and requests of guests such as allergies, vegetarian and vegan requests are followed through accurately
34. Supervise and communication with the chef and catering staff to ensure superb and timely service
35. Make certain that everyone involved in toasts or special events during the day are cued and ready
36. Take an accurate head count of those at the reception
37. Be sure to have the bride's comfortable shoes ready for her to change into if she desires
38. Make certain that the bride and her shy groom do not get left out in the middle of the dance floor for an entire very long first dance…
39. Or, make sure that the bride and groom are the only two on the dance floor to show off those moves they learned in those dance lessons they took over the past year
40. Make sure the grandmothers of the couple get a great spot for the cake cutting and first dance, etc.
41. Come to the rescue with a damp cloth when the groom isn't as nice as he promised to be during the cake cutting
42. Be there by the couple's side, ready and available for any emergencies or unexpected occurrence
43. Guide them graciously through their day, keep things running on schedule
44. Distribute final balances and gratuities to vendors on behalf of the couple
45. Keep track of, organize and pack everything up for couple, at the end of the evening
46. Make sure centerpieces are given away according to couple's instructions
47. Collect disposable cameras, gifts, guest book, pen, toasting glasses, cake top, etc., and take everything to the couples honeymoon suite, designated room or designated car
48. Arrange getaway transportation, make sure it is present and on time
49. Know exactly when the bride needs a soft voice to calm her (one other than her family or close friends)
50. Be the one person to give her a little laughter when those people nearest and dearest to her are driving her nuts
51. Box or bag up additional wedding cake
52. Facilitate the send off of the bride and groom
53. Make sure the bride and groom receive a food basket from caterer to take to the hotel or honeymoon suite
54. Take care of all of the above details so the bride and groom won't have to
55. Make sure the couple has an Affair To Remember! (I threw this one in for good measure)….Smooches!

So, how's that for a to-do list?

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