Saturday, February 6, 2010

You May Now Kiss The Bride

A lot of thought and consideration goes into planning your wedding day. The food that will be served, the music that will be played, the venue for the reception, the guest list, and so on. But have you given much thought to "the kiss"? You are probably thinking, we are engaged to be married for goodness sake, we know how to kiss. Of course you do, but this will be your first kiss as husband and wife. You want it to be special for the two of you, and keep in mind that it will also leave an impression on your guests, and will forever be captured in your pictures, so you want to make it perfect, right? Well my first bit of advice is one you should like….Practice, practice, practice…you know what they say about practice. Next, classy should be the call of the day! Please no tongue action, that's just tasteless (pun intended). Of course timing is everything…too short communicates no passion, too long is just plain tacky and will make everyone uncomfortable. A 3 – 4 second kiss is just enough. Leave everything else for the honeymoon. End your kiss with a smile, and just enjoy it. It will be the last of your first kiss as husband and wife. Smooches!

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