Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bridal Survival Tip #3 – Count The Cost

I know, I know, talking about all this money stuff is the quickest way to kill your excitement about planning your wedding, but it is absolutely the most critical first step.

It is so important for you to do your homework and research the actual costs of each component before making any plans. In Bridal Survival Tip #2 we talked about establishing priorities and determining what elements were important to both you and your honey. Now here's where the rubber meets the road – determining if your budget will support all your must have items and all the wonderful things you've seen in the magazines and on the web.

The average cost of weddings is $28,000, and it's amazing how all the little stuff adds up. To avoid frustration and disappointment it is wise to arm yourself with the actual cost of every element associated with your wedding plans. Consider how the following adds up:
• The costs per person on items such as favors, food, chair covers, cake slices etc.
• Hidden or those not so obvious costs such as alterations, cake cutting fees, corkage fees, tips
• When it comes to centerpieces and linens, think about the costs per table
• The number of people you have in your wedding party should also be taken into consideration when you have to factor in the costs of bouquets and boutonnieres, and gifts for your attendants
• Don't forget postage for both invitations and response cards (be mindful of the possibility of more postage needed for larger sized envelops)

Researching the cost will require an investment of your time, but don't let this thought overwhelm you. Hiring a Wedding Planner would be the wisest first step to take in putting together your team. Planners can get you a budget friendly pricing and save you time and energy in researching vendors because they have the information you need readily at their fingertips…they've already done the research for you!

Also, utilize this wonderful tool to find out the national average costs of every wedding element from gowns to the cake to photography, invitations, transportation, and more.

Be sure to research packages and get detailed explanations of what is being offered and always compare apples to apples. Happy Planning!

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Brittany Allen said...

Great advice!!! I hope one day all brides-to-be will appreciate the hard work of us Wedding Planners! Don't they know we spend hours of research so they can have the perfect day! I truly do love my job...keep pouring out great advice!!!