Monday, February 8, 2010

Recipe For An A+ Relationship

Recipe Overview: Recipe takes 2 individuals and turns them into 1 couple
Recipe Background: Gather ingredients over time, and practice cooking for twenty to fifty years.

1 cup attraction
1 cup compatibility
2 nuts
1 quart honesty
1 pint each of faith, hope & love

Combine and mix vigorously
1 dash thoughtfulness
1 pinch ;-)
2 pints cooperation, combined with 2 pints compromise
2 quarts forgiveness
2 gallons sense of humor
Plus an endless supply of love and romance

Combine all ingredients and stir like crazy. Leave medium lumps (if too smooth, days will be boring; but if lumps are too big, problems will be too big to swallow).

Heat with passion but never bring to a boil
Spice to your personal taste

And there you have a Recipe for and A+ Relationship!

Bon Appetite!!!!


Party Box Design said...

very cute post!!!

Coco - Alpha Prosperity Events said...

Can we add a pinch of cayenne to that recipe? I like my realtionship a little hot and spicy from time to time.

Brittany Allen said...

This is so cute I must share this with others!! Thanks for sharing!!


Shane said...

this one takes the cake among all the relationship posts out there! amazing recipe! and oh I also have to add a cup of respect to the ingredients :)