Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Ties That Bind

In a previous post I shared a few tips on documenting the details of your big day, and making sure your wants and wishes are clearly detailed in your wedding professionals contracts. Following are a few more tips to help you navigate the ties that bind.

· Get everything in writing because verbal deals are not binding.

· Negotiating is like a dance. It's give and take. Everything is negotiable! Howevever my next point is crucial...

· Think it through! What are your needs, wants, and absolute must haves? The time spent before signing the contract is called negotiating. Once the contract is signed, it’s called BEGGING.

· Here today, gone tomorrow. There is a high rate of turnover in banquet sales. The sales person who promises you the world today, could very well be off to another sales position tomorrow. If your sales person leaves – all the verbal agreements go with them and you won’t get what was “promised”.

· Professional wedding planners may seem like magicians, however if what you want is not in the contract, your planner’s hands are tied. Although your planner will go to bat for you, she may not be able to “make it happen” if it’s not in writing.

· As new deals, agreements and promises are made, make sure to get a new contract or signed addendum.

· If a verbal agreement was made, be sure to follow it up with an email confirming the discussed details and request a reply confirmation.

· Make sure you get a copy of every change, note, discussion, etc.

· No detail is too small to note, especially if it is important to the success and the vision you have for your wedding day.

Contracts are the least fun part of planning a wedding, but they are absolutely the most vital part of your wedding day success!

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