Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Does The Groom Make His Entrance First?

As a guest to quite a few weddings, and a wedding coordinator of hundreds over the years, one of the highlights of the ceremony for me is seeing the expression of the groom's face as the bride make her grand entrance. Some grooms grin from ear to ear, some tear up, others break down into a gut wrenching sob, but whatever the expression of emotion displayed, it is always priceless. Traditionally, the groom enters the sanctuary first. Have you ever wondered why? You might think it is designed that way for him to stand at the altar with pride and joy to see his beautiful bride ascend down the aisle. However, by entering first, the groom signifies that he is the covenant initiator. The reason this is important is because whoever initiates the covenant assumes greater responsibility for seeing it fulfilled. God initiated covenants with Noah, Abraham and David. Christ initiated the covenant of salvation with us, and He is still at work to fulfill His covenant, in that when the trumpets sound, and Christ appears, He is coming to consummate the wedding with His bride, the Church.

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