Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

I believe your wedding planner and your DJ and/or band are the two key players to ensuring a fabulous event. Your wedding reception is the biggest party you'll ever throw. It's a time of celebration! Your wedding planner's role is to pull all of the elements together to work on your behalf to perform like a well oiled machine. Your DJ or band, will get and hopefully keep the celebration going. Therefore the person(s) you select to do this will make all the difference in how your party of a lifetime unfolds. Knowing how to get your people up on the dance floor is a must. You don't want to worry about getting your reluctant guests up on the dance floor on your wedding day. Your DJ or band leader must know how to interact with the crowd and get them involved. Certainly knowing what to play is important, but also knowing when to play it is key to a successful party. Timing is a must! The point here is understanding that there is more involved in choosing a DJ or band and trusting that they'll play all your favorite tunes from your playlist. They should how to read your crowd and know when to pump up the volume.

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